“I have been absolutely 100% pleased with every project that April and Darren have created at the Sedgwick County Zoo. With their artistic talent and professional time management, all projects have been completed on time and within budget and at a level of quality that I feel has only been matched by few and never exceeded.”

Mark C. Reed – Director of The Sedgwick County Zoo
President – American Zoo & Aquarium Association

“The Caldwell Zoo first had the opportunity to work with Dodson Studios during the renovation of our entry and adjoining exhibits. The scope of their work ran from constructing mud bank walls and rock formations, painting existing rockwork, to creating a theme and constructing the fa├žade for our new squirrel monkey holding building. Another example of their unique talent was designing and carving animal faces as part of the contact yard hand washing station.

I would recommend Dodson Studios to anyone contemplating the construction of a new exhibit. The quality of their work, responsiveness to schedule, and adherence to budgetary demands are most impressive, not to mention the fact that they are a pleasure to work with!”

Hayes Caldwell – Director of the Caldwell Zoo

“During the last year the Birmingham Zoo began to revitalize an old zoo and build it’s first new exhibit in over twenty years. The importance of making this first new exhibit great cannot be overly stressed. The Board and Zoo staff chose a Children’s Zoo themed around the wildlife of the state of Alabama. Within the exhibit was a replica of a particular rock formation anyone from the Birmingham area would certainly recognize. Dodson Studios accepted the challenge to build such a specific mountain exhibit but exceeded the expectations of our guests. The project also incorporated an Alabama Stream exhibit and a playground with a slide feature, spider web and an enormous tree trunk connected to the playground by a rope bridge. Dodson Studios completed the project under a difficult time table that was shortened due to other construction issues.

I recommend Dodson Studios as a creative and talented partner in any of the Birmingham future projects and construction.”

Bruce Read – Director of The Birmingham Zoo

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