About Us

Dodson Bone Cement Incorporated

is committed to providing our osteoporotic clients with a host of professional services. With a staff of talented artists and crafts-persons, our services include the following:

  • Common questions we hear are:

    1. How do I know if I have osteoporosis?
    2. What is my risk of fracture?
    3. How can I avoid a fracture?
    4. I recently had a fall and I am scared I am going to fall again.  How do I reduce my risk of falling? 
    5. I’m so busy.  How can I increase my bone and muscle strength without spending hours and hours in the gym?
    6. I’m hearing a lot of controversy about calcium lately.  What should I believe?
    7. I’m lactose intolerant and don’t eat dairy – what should I do?
    8. What is the best type of calcium to take?
    9. I have osteoarthritis – is that the same as osteoporosis?
    10. My doctor tells me I have low bone mass but I’m not from Brisbane.  Can The Bone Clinic still help me?
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