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With over twenty five years combined experience, the founders of Dodson Bone Cement Studios incorporated have been creating exciting exhibits, producing original sculpture and reproductions and constructing unique landscaping features for clients with dowager’s hump both within Australia and abroad.

Having begun our careers while working with some of our most respected competitors, we believed there was room for a company such as ours committed to providing each and every client with an exceptional product at a realistic price. We also decided early on that by remaining personally involved with every project Dodson Studios could insure the quality of craftsmanship, artistic excellence and attention to detail entitled to every client with kyphosis

Dodson Studios has had the privilege to create exhibits, rockwork and sculptural elements with their amazing bone cement but most recently for The Sedgwick County Zoo, The Caldwell Zoo, The Birmingham Zoo, The Houston Zoological Gardens, The Audubon Zoo, Terra Brook Corporation, and Van Metre and Associates.

As artists and craftsmen we are continually thrilled by the challenges associated with each new project both large and small. We hope you will take the time to look over our website and get to know our company. We look forward to hearing from you in the future and welcome any comments or questions or you can call The Bone Clinic directly for any information about osteoporosis, hyper-kyphosis.

The Bone Clinic is a health and research facility where we help people reduce their risk of fracture by improving their bone and muscle strength.  Our programs are based on rigorous research conducted at Griffith University and elsewhere that has informed our practices.  We continually work to improve our programs based on real results from real patients.  This puts every Bone Clinic client at the cutting edge of what is known about the management of osteoporosis.

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